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Delivery of freights from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia (full name – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)  is the largest country of the Arabian Peninsula. From  the North-East the country is bordering with the Persian Gulf from  to the west - with the Red Sea.

It is Saudi Arabia where  two major Muslim shrines - Mecca and Medina are situated. Every Muslim must make a pilgrimage to Mecca.  It is called "Hajj", if there are no special obstacles one has to take this advantage at least once in their life (or send someone in his place.) Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy and governed in accordance with  Islamic law. The power of the king is limited only by the Sheria. An interesting fact is that the national borders of Saudi Arabia are still not clearly defined, and most part of the country is occupied with the desert or semi-desert  inhabited by nomadic tribes of Bedouins.

Saudi Arabia possesses enormous reserves of oil and gas. The revenues from the export of oil and oil products form  the basis of the economy. Saudi Arabia plays a key role in the union of countries -  exporters of oil  which regulates oil prices. Besides they constantly discover  new oil fields. Besides oil production and refining there are other industries in this country, these are: building materials, mining of coral, pearl fishing, there are crafts, nomadic livestock, grow date palms, wheat, and barley. The Kingdom also exports liquefied gas, vegetables, eggs, poultry.

For a large number of Russian companies the issue of cargo transportation  from Saudi Arabia or to Saudi Arabia is highly relevant, and the search for a reliable partner in this field is essential. «GPL Cargo» offers a full range of services of the highest quality of cargo transportation  from Saudi Arabia as well as to  Saudi Arabia. Our company possesses the  extensive experience in this area  and the professionalism of our staff and competitive prices enable us to solve problems of any complexity concerning the fright forwarding. . In addition to the transportation of goods  we are ready to assist our  clients in finding local partners.

Transportation to / from Saudi Arabia or to (from) Russia is carried out by air through international airports "King Fahd» (IATA - DMM), «The King Khaled» (IATA-RUH), «Jeddah" (IATA-JED). The air delivery of cargo from Saudi Arabia or to Saudi Arabia  is the fastest way of transportation today. To reduce the costs of transportation  we offer our customers sea fright from the ports of “Jizan” and “Al-Riyadh”.

The range of services for the international transport of goods includes:

- Development of optimal logistic schemes and routes in order to reduce  time and financial costs of our client

- picking-up the cargo and shipping  to the door of the recipient ("door to door delivery")

- Storage and package of cargo

- Cargo insurance

- Processing  of all necessary transport and export-import documents.

Customs clearance can be carried out both by the client and our customs brokers.

We strive to minimize the costs for our clients, we offer a flexible discount system and individual calculation of the cost of transport.

To calculate the cost of shipping from Saudi Arabia or  to Saudi Arabia please  fill out the form "on-line request." Our specialists will process your request and contact you as soon as possible.

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