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Delivery of freights from Switzerland.

 «GPL Cargo» is one of the leading companies in the international freight transportation which performs all types of delivery: Air delivery, marine shipping, delivery of cargo by rail, by road. If necessary to optimize the process  we use multi-modal (mixed) transportation.

«GPL Cargo» is proud to offer our customers a full range of freight forwarding services for the delivery of any goods from Switzerland as well as to  Switzerland.

Switzerland today is  one of the most developed and richest countries  of the world with highly developed economies. Minerals in Switzerland are practically absent, that partially explanes that’s why the Swiss economy is closely linked to the outside world. Switzerland also is one of the most important banking and financial centers of the world, it is one of the major exporters of capital. Swiss watch are very popular in the world, as well as chocolate and cheese. The most important items  for export sales are products of mechanical engineering, electronics and chemical industries. Switzerland is also a leading supplier of the following products: weaving machines, paper and printing presses, punching machines for working metal, escalators and elevators, packaging material, train rack rails.

A huge number of Russian companies nowadays  have business relations with Switzerland, that’s why the transportation to or from  this country  extremely important. Our company will help you to solve all the problems associated with transportation from / to Switzerland. In addition to the transportation of goods we are ready to assist our clients in finding local partners.

 Transportation to / from Switzerland is carried out by air from airports "Zurich Kloten", "Geneva Cointrin", and by rail and road.

The range of services associated with the international transportation of goods includes:

- development of optimal logistic schemes and routes in order to reduce  time and financial expenses of our  clients

- picking-up the cargo and delivering to the door of the recipient ("door to door delivery")

- the storage and package of goods

- cargo insurance

- processing of all the necessary transport and export-import documents.

Customs clearance can be carried out both by the client and our customs brokers.

We strive to minimize the financial expenses of our clients, we offer a flexible discount system and individual calculation of the cost of transport.

To calculate cost of trucking from Switzerland or to (from) Russia please  fill out the form "on-line request." Our specialists will process your request and contact you as soon as possible.


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