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Delivery of freights from Turkish Republic.

Turkey (the full name being the Turkish Republic) is a state located in the southwestern part of Asia and is washed by two seas - the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The Turkey was founded in 1923 as a result of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire which  after its defeat in World War I (finally having lost a large part of its territory) ceased to exist. The Turkey is  a Muslim country  but it’s islamic rules are not so strictly observed as in Saudi Arabia or the UAE.

Since the early 90's of the last century liberal policy has been excepted by the Turkish government, this meant  a complete transition of to market basis for the the economy and rolling out of the presence of the State,  turning it into an open system integrated into the world economy. A large-scale privatization of state enterprises has begun, he  foreign trade has been  liberalized, much attention has been given to promote exports. At present the country  actively developes textile, leather, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as energy, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and electrical goods. Still the most important role in Turkish export plays fabric and ready-made clothes. In addition Turkey takes  the 6th place in Europe for the production of cars, collecting cars are the major European and American manufacturers. It is impossible not to mention the fact that  Turkish tourism sector is highly  developed - comfortable resorts, oriental flavor and reasonable prices attract tourists to Turkey from all over Europe.

Turkey and Russia have close trade and economic cooperation, the annual trade turnover reaches several tens of billions of dollars. The main component of the Russian export are  the fuel and energy products, metal products, Chemical goods, light industry products. The Russian gas pipeline runs under the Black Sea to Turkey. In these conditions for  a large number of Russian companies the issue of  trucking from Turkey or to this country is currently urgent nowadays, and search for a reliable partner in shipping for them is the greatest challenge. «GPL Cargo» offers a full range of services of the highest quality for freight forwarding from Turkey  as well as to  Turkey. Our company possesses  extensive experience in this area, and the professionalism of our staff and competitive prices enable us to solve problems of any complexity. In addition to the transportation of goods we are ready to assist our  clients in finding local partners.

Transportation to / from Turkey is carried out ​​by air through international airports "Istanbul-Ataturk” (IST) and "Ankara Esenboga” (ESB). The air delivery of cargo from Turkey or to Turkey is the fastest way of transportation today. To reduce the costs of transportation we offer our customers sea fright from the port of  Istanbul.

The range of  services for the international transport of goods includes:

- Development of optimal logistic schemes and routes in order to reduce time and financial costs of our clients

 - Picking-up the cargo and delivering to the door of the recipient ("door to door delivery")

- Storage and package of cargo

- Cargo insurance

- Processing of all the necessary transport and export-import documents.

Customs clearance can be carried out both by the client and our customs brokers.

We strive to minimize the financial expenses of our clients, we offer a flexible discount system and individual calculation of the cost of transport.

To calculate the cost of transportation from Turkey or to (from) Russia please fill out the form "on-line request." Our specialists will process your request and contact you as soon as possible.

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