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Delivery of freights from UAE.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a state in Southeast Asia in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula which consists of seven emirates each of them  represents a microstate with the absolute monarchy: Abu - Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah , Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Sharjah. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi city. In addition the emir (the head of the emirates) Abu Dhabi is also the president of the United Arab Emirates.

There are the  the world's largest oil reserves on the territory of UAE  the export of which is the basis of the economy.  After starting  the  oil production UAE have undergone a profound transformation from a poor small desert principalities to a modern state with a high standard of living. Recently, however, the UAE government started a gradual retrenchment  of  the budget share of revenues from the of oil extraction and refining and increased the development of other economic sectors  including trade, tourism and agriculture.

The main products for export in  UAE today  are crude oil, natural gas, dried fish, dates, as well as re-exports. An important feature of the UAE economy is its openness to foreign business, it is promoted by the presence of a variety offshore  economic zones as well as the fact that the UAE taxes for most companies (excluding banks, oil companies, and hotels) only exist on paper (the tax code). In fact  traditionally the corporate and personal income are tax free  and there is no other tax and  import of goods to  FEZ is also free from the customs duties.

The volume of business between Russia and the United Arab Emirates is constantly increases and the growing number of Russian companies have business interests in the UAE.  The transportation from  the UAE or to the UAE  becomes more urgent.  «GPL Cargo» offers a full range of services for cargo from the UAE as well as to  the UAE. Our company possesses  extensive experience in this area  and the professionalism of our staff and competitive prices enable us to solve problems of any complexity concerning the cargo transportation  from the United Arab Emirates or to the UAE. In addition to the transportation of goods  we are ready to assist our  clients in finding local partners.

Transportation to / from the United Arab Emirates or to (from) Russia by  air transport through the International Airport "Dubai” (DXB). The air delivery of cargo from the United Arab Emirates or to the UAE is  the fastest way to shipping today.  To reduce the costs of transportation  we offer our customers to use sea transport from the port of “Jebel Ali”.

The range of services for the international transport of goods includes:

- Development of optimal logistic schemes and routes in in order to reduce  time and financial costs of our clients

- Picking-up the cargo and delivery  to the door of the recipient ("door to door delivery")

- Storage and package of cargo

- Cargo insurance

- Processing of all the necessary transport and export-import documents.

Customs clearance can be carried out both by the client and our customs brokers.

We strive to minimize the costs for our clients, we offer a flexible discount system and individual calculation of the cost of transport.

To calculate the cost of transportation from the UAE or to UAE  please fill in "on-line request." Our specialists will process your request and contact you as soon as possible.

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